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Most activities require you to be a member of LARK, which you can become here!


Läs mer om ridlektioner på Smedstad Ridsportcenter

Nu är det dags att anmäla sig till vårens ridlektioner på Smedstad Ridsportcenter. Både tisdagsgruppen och fredagsgruppen kommer ligga kvar på samma tider, tisdagar kl.16.30 och fredagar kl.16.00. Varje lektion är 60 minuter lång.

Priset för att rida i våra grupper är 272kr per lektion. Det tillkommer en kostnad för medlemskap i LARK och LFK, 100kr respektive 350kr. Anmäl dig till vårens ridlektioner genom att fylla i formuläret:

De förkunskaper som krävs för att rida i våra ridgrupper är att man ska kunna rida felfritt i skritt, trav och galopp, man ska dessutom kunna hoppa ett hinder på 70 cm. Det är först till kvarn som gäller och du kommer få ett bekräftelsemail om du fått en plats eller inte.

Ridlektionerna drar igång efter tenta-P v.04, 22a januari respektive 25e januari. Lektionerna sträcker sig fram till v.21.

In collaboration with Smedstad Ridsportcenter we offer our members their own riding groups on Tuesdays and Fridays at 4:30 p.m. We follow Smedstad's training plan and to ride in these groups you need to master riding level E, read more on Smedstad's website. In addition, you need to understand basic Swedish.

You register per semester and registration is binding. Each riding lesson is 60 minutes at SEK 332. There is also a cost for membership in Linköping's Academic Riding Club and Linköping's Fältrittklub, SEK 100 and SEK 470 respectively. It is possible to share these passes with someone else, however it is not possible to ride at the same time. To the best of our ability, we can also help match people up. If you get sick or cannot attend your lesson, there is the option of riding again in another group at the riding school.

Read more about riding at Smedstad in this PDF: Education plan for the riding school, Smedstad Equestrian Center (PDF)

Do you have any questions or are you interested in starting to ride? Send an email to:

Do you want to become LARK's club champion in dressage or jumping? Or do you just want a fun activity day with horse friends?

LARK's club championships are ridden in dressage and jumping. The competition is conducted on borrowed horses with the KnockOut system, just like at the Student SM. Three riders meet on the same horse, where the one with the best percentage in dressage and the highest impact score in jumping advances to the next round.

Dressage starts at LC level and the first round of jumping is ridden over 60cm. The competition will be run in two or three rounds depending on the number of starts and the degree of difficulty increases with each round.

According to tradition, the academic equestrian associations in Sweden take turns to organize the Student Championship in jumping and dressage.

Students from all over Sweden compete against each other on horses provided by the organizer. The competition is conducted according to a "knock-out" system where two or three riders take turns to ride a horse, the best riders on each horse advance to the next round where the degree of difficulty is increased further and the riders who advanced are drawn for new horses. If it weren't challenging enough to race a horse you've never sat on, the riding time is only a few minutes, and a maximum of two jumps over obstacles in the show jumping. The level in jumping, which is style judged, is 80-100 cm and in dressage is at LB to Msv C level.

In 2023, the event will take place in Gothenburg 22-23 of April.

LARK would like to proudly present a completely new form of competition on horseback: Ovve championships.


In teams of two, a combined dressage and jumping course will be ridden, then followed by an obstacle course, the riding part will be judged on style and the obstacle course will be judged on time. Both team members' results are added together, then these will be converted into points. Points for the riding and the obstacle course will weigh equally.

Part 1: We have created a dressage program, which includes some jumping hurdles. This part must be done on horseback.

Part 2: We have created an obstacle course that must be completed in the shortest possible time. This part is done without a horse.


When riding, riding clothes must be worn, but the first step in the obstacle course will be to put on your ovve, so don't forget this at home! If you are a first year and have not yet bought an ovve, we will arrange so that there is an ovve to borrow.

Hope to see you there, and don't forget to bring ovven!

Keep in mind that in order to participate, you must be able to ride a 70 cm course at a canter as a minimum level.

Read more about Off the Horse 2.0

Nu är det dax igen! Vi kör en andra omgång av Off the horse! Denna gången blir det hela 9 pass som kommer ligga på tisdagar kl. 20.00 i Campushallens lokaler på Campus Valla.
Första passet är redan nu på tisdag. Till detta passet krävs ingen anmälan utan alla som vill får komma – och gissa vad? Första passet är helt gratis att gå på! Så vill ni testa på att träna i LARKs alldeles egen träningsgrupp på Campushallen kila dit på tisdag och kolla in!
Träningspassen forsätter sedan veckan efter och då blir det träning som heter duga!
För att delta måste man vara medlem i LARK, det blir ni enklast genom att följa denna länken:
Kostanden för att delta är 200 kr. Betalningsinformation får man i samband med anmälan.
Anmälan görs i följande google formulär:
Vid frågor: Kontakta ordförande Emilia Edman,

Do you want to start training? Do you want to strengthen yourself as a rider but don't have the opportunity to ride?

LARK, together with Campushallen, has created a training session that is specially designed for you as a rider.

The sessions will follow different themes:

  • Balance
  • Mobility
  • Strenght
  • Cardio

Come and train with LARK!

We try to organize as many different activities as possible for our members, meeting other horse-interested students adds a golden edge to any day.

Keep an eye out in the activity calendar and on our Facebook page for events!

Other activities we plan:

  • Pub, Games and Quiz night
  • Watch movies and horse competitions together

Do you have a suggestion for an activity? Email suggestions to

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